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Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow Girlfriend

Tim Tebow Girlfriend

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If you Google the name Tim Tebow, you'll find at least 1.4 million references to Florida's star quarterback.Try "Tim Tebow girlfriend" and you'll net about 300,000.

"Tim Tebow" and "faith" will get you about 250,000.

As the defending national champion Gators began fall practice this week, Tebow was in the spotlight more than ever -- if that's possible.

He is on the cover of the preseason editions of Lindy's, Athlon Sports and the Sporting News, to name a few.

Sports Illustrated recently featured the 6-3, 245-pound Tebow, focusing on his prison missionary work and his life outside football.Then there are the Web sites and blogs exclusively devoted to the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, the number of which seems to be growing along with the Jacksonville native's stature.

So we thought that just for fun, we'd check some of the Web sites dedicated to him.Remember, none of these is endorsed by Tebow or the University of Florida.

Or us, for that matter.-- timteblog.comTHE PREMISE: Sporting News writer Dan Shanoff recently launched a Web site devoted solely to Tebow based on the reasoning that Tebow's story this season is similar in interest to that of Michael Phelps as he headed into the Olympics last summer .

Shanoff decided to cover it as a beat.THE MOTTO: Obsessive coverage of Tim Tebow.WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING: Timely and insightful commentary by Shanoff.

It's not a fan blog, but more of a news forum that examines football issues and aspects as they relate to Tebow.

For example, Shanoff has an entry about how if the Patriots sign Michael Vick, it might be a test case for the drafting of Tebow.

Like most other sites, it also links to other news stories about Tebow.QUIRKY ASPECT: Shanoff is serious, but he isn't oblivious to the absurdity of it all.

He has posts from the National Lampoon and the Smoking Musket, a West Virginia Mountaineers blog that poke fun at Tebow's expense.LAST WORD: "Tebow is the single biggest sports story of the fall," Shanoff told the St.

Petersburg Times in an e-mail.

"Not only is he trying to lead his team to a back-to-back national championship (for which they are favored to win), but he is the leading contender for the Heisman.

The combination of team accomplishment and individual accolades -- plus the general mythology that has been created around him -- will put him squarely in the debate over whether he is the best college football player of all time.

For me, that affirmatively qualifies the Tebow story as worthy of my focused journalistic coverage."-- tebowzone.comTHE PREMISE: This site basically compiles all types of Tebow information and puts it in one place, so you don't have to look all over for it.

It has categories for Tebow bench press photos, his "alleged" girlfriends, etc.WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING: The site primarily leads you to other sites.

It has little editorial content except brief introductions into the stories it features from other sources.QUIRKY ASPECT: This site has a "fun facts" section that has a collection of quips about Tebow, many you might have heard, some you might not.

Example: "Tim Tebow doesn't do pushups; he pushes the earth down."SAY WHAT? The photos on the site are all from someone or somewhere else, and the site says that if a photo it has posted is your copyrighted product and you want it removed, let it know.-- www.timtebow.netTHE PREMISE: The site is primarily an assortment of videos and sound bites, from ESPN to YouTube, with Tebow as the focus.MOTTO: Gators' Tim Tebow.

This is all about Tim Tebow.WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT: No editorial content.

There are 34 pages of video content, including key plays from various games.

Viewers can click on the video clips, which come with headlines and photos.QUIRKY aspect: The YouTube video of Tebow saying he's saving himself for marriage had gotten 27,341 views as of Thursday.(Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service

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